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The chief designer of Shilpa Architects will speak on November 6

One of the most important designers of Design Stories seminars at CNR IMOB OBJET, Indian Pavitra Sri Prakash has become famous as an architect and urban designer focusing on sustainability. Prakash has maintained her career on architecture as the chief designer and director of her design house Shilpa Architects, which blends modern design and construction practices inspired by cultural values with local methods.
Taking part in many projects in India, the designer has also executed projects in the United States of America, Norway, Japan, China and Kuwait. As an expert in sustainability issue, she has performed studies on “Sustainable Programmatic Landscapes” at Columbia University.

Ms.Prakash, who has participated in various forums on Green Buildings such as CII, Indian Green Building Council, The Economic Times as an expert speaker, will share her innovative designs and ideas she has created for environmental and socioeconomic sustainability, the philosophy of Shilpa Architects, with visitors at Designers’ Lounge area on November 6.